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Another day, another inspiring meeting with the Zero Waste Youth Project crew!
It was a little unfortunate that billions, upon billions of people didn’t come and join us on Wednesday. However we were lucky to have the few that we did, as all of them were really excited to get their hands dirty with some exciting junk. Another good thing about the turn-out was that we got to know each other better as individuals rather than as a fellow member whose name no one really knows.

Once our group settled in their seats we began our meeting a little bit of digital media show and tell. We were all shown the wonderful ways in which we could showcase our projects, find new and inspiring ones, as well as places to just listen to others talk about the group as a whole (such as this blog). Kori even did a wonderful job of converting some of us to Pinterest.

We quickly moved into introductions where we got to know a little bit more than just a person’s name; we got to know why they came and what inspired them. It was fun hearing all the different ideas that people came with, and to think of all the ways they could be applied. The most exciting part was realising that it is all possible.
What really helped us to realise this was a very awe inspiring video about the Warriors Without Weapons, and how they turned a drug and crime infested area, down in Brazil, into a wonderful area for the community together and have fun together. They did this all without a single resource at first. Knowing that they could do this helped us to realise that WE can do this.

After a little break filled with delicious snacking we gathered back in the meeting room then grouped off into different project areas. One group was all about designing our dream space, one was about how to introduce ourselves to those around us, and the last was about how to make these projects of ours become a reality.
The dream space was looking good, with some floor layouts, shelves for storage, sewing rooms and other little doodads.

The project plans were coming together; there were written diagrams of supplies needed, ways to get them, and how to put them all together.

As for the group dedicated to introducing ourselves to the world around us, well they came up with so many names and ideas for the project that they got lost.

And that is where you come in. We will need the help of everyone involved and those who would like to become involved, in the choosing of the name for our exciting upcycler project.
Will we be the Waste Warriors, Wizards of Creation, the Junk Jammers? We will have to wait and see.
Until then, get some ideas rolling, draw them out, write some plans, and get your butt over to our meetings. Help us make this into an amazing project!
See you next time, and make sure to bring some friends, will yah?