This week we welcome another participant blogger Alex to share her insight on the project thus far:


“It’s only my second week meeting with the Zero Waste Youth Project and I already feel like this project has so much momentum. Every time I come home after a meeting I’m buzzing with excitement at where we’re going. Not to be dramatic but I feel like this project is everything I’ve been wanting to do in the last few years, culminating in one powerful group. And we have so much power–I can feel it at every gathering.

This week, we started with our usual check-in and then talked about some of the progress that’s been made. Pretty quickly after that, we had a snack break and then moved down to our new space to paint.

Part of what feels so extraordinary about this project is how fast it’s moving. Every week we make a ton of progress and I know this is largely due to the incredible work of our facilitators, Sarah, Heather and Kori. It felt so good to show up, get handed a paintbrush and start painting. There were no overwhelming discussions about what colours we would paint. We just kind of decided in a simple flow of consensus and then we went for it.

Of course there were some interesting results as we amateurly attacked the walls with our brushes but it turned out pretty great. The pressure wasn’t on creating a perfectly painted wall, anyway, it was to create something, to move forward and decorate a space where so much more creating is going to happen. And we did that which felt amazing.

Starting out with a 3 tone gradient in a Lazure style.

The wall has a beach feel

The space comes together with the help of many.

I can’t put into words how psyched I am to watch and take part in this project rolling on. It feels so good to be somewhere and do things, as simple as that may sound. I eagerly await the rest of the journey.”


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