Seeds of History

Youth Initiatives

  • Urban Compost Project
  • Harvest Rescue Project
  • Food to Table One Tonne Challenge 2006
  • Columbia Basin Youth Links
  • E-Team Food Security Workcrew
  • Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A Foundation for Community Stewardship
  • Alternative Energy Project
  • Summer Scene Kids Ecotivity Camp
  • Seeds of History
  • Global Living Project

This youth-driven project ran from April to December in 2000. A small team of project participants researched and compiled information about seed saving, heritage seeds, and other open-pollinated seeds in the West Kootenays. Specific areas of focus included: The examination of cultural links to seeds throughout history; the relationship of seed saving to changing agricultural systems in the area; the cultural origins of seeds in relation to people who settled in the Kootenays; and the implications of seed saving on local food security. The end result of this project was a booklet detailing project findings, a multi-media exhibit, and a series of educational resources for schools and the community.

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