Global Living Project

Earth Matters took over the Canadian activities for the Global Living Project in 2000, while GLP's founders relocated to continue their activities in the United States. In June and July 2000, we co-delivered the GLP Summer Institute. 

The vision was, and has continued to be, exploring the idea of bioregional community in order to foster awareness of the connection between people, and the places where people live. 

Participants in the summer institute spent their time working to provide for their own needs, i.e. gardening, cooking, and cleaning. There was an emphasis on community values, and participants took on leadership and facilitation roles during their work. Activities and training during the program included: 

permaculture design; ecological footprinting; communication skills; community-based development; bioregional exploration; wilderness exploration; and personal projects. The summer institute continued in 2001, but was not being delivered by Earth Matters.

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