E-Team Food Security Workcrew

Youth Initiatives

  • Urban Compost Project
  • Harvest Rescue Project
  • Food to Table One Tonne Challenge 2006
  • Columbia Basin Youth Links
  • E-Team Food Security Workcrew
  • Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A Foundation for Community Stewardship
  • Alternative Energy Project
  • Summer Scene Kids Ecotivity Camp
  • Seeds of History
  • Global Living Project

A team of 5 youth worked on issues related to Food Security and Sustainability in and around the Nelson area.

The team worked in conjunction with other Earth Matters projects, including the Cottonwood Falls Sustainability Center, and the Alternative Energy Project (a new Earth Matters initiative).

Specific duties of the work crew involved habitat creation/enhancement, upgrading/maintaining the Strawbale Building, completing the Cottonwood Falls rootcellar, enhancing a water catchment system at Cottonwood Falls, working with the Nelson Food Coalition, presenting Alternative Energy workshops, soil and Habitat enhancement at Duck Bay, maintaining the composting program at Cottonwood Falls, picking fruit for the Fruit Tree Project, and day to day care for the Cottonwood Falls Sustainability Center.

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