Alternative Energy Project

Youth Initiatives

  • Urban Compost Project
  • Harvest Rescue Project
  • Food to Table One Tonne Challenge 2006
  • Columbia Basin Youth Links
  • E-Team Food Security Workcrew
  • Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A Foundation for Community Stewardship
  • Alternative Energy Project
  • Summer Scene Kids Ecotivity Camp
  • Seeds of History
  • Global Living Project

This project will entail:

* The design and creation of alternative energy models

* Delivery of alternative energy workshops

* Creation of a Cottonwood Creek Park Micro-Hydro project

* Development of an energy assessment program to promote domestic energy conservation techniques

* Creation of an alternative energy information booklet

* Focusing on waste and energy reduction and sustainable community building issues/solutions

* Planning for a fall lecture series/forums on alternative energy

* Exploration of the links between the Nelson Waterfront Pathway Project and the Alternative Energy Project.

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