Audio Interview – Mateo Ocejo, NetZero Waste

  Mateo Ocejo is the owner of NetZero Waste Waste, which operates a number of centralized industrial composting facilities in BC, utilizing a Gore-Tex tarp cover system which traps moisture, reduces smell, and allows CO2 and oxygen circulation.  The system is classified as an “in-vessel”  system, which reduces regulatory burden, and also utilizes a relatively […]

Press Release, Dec 2016

  EarthMatters releases composting survey results, asks City to start planning with RDCK.   With the release its municipal composting survey results, EarthMatters is asking the City of Nelson to become more engaged with the RDCK regarding planning for municipal composting. At the City Council Committee of the Whole meeting on Dec. 19th, EarthMatters Coordinator […]

A big year for composting

Municipal composting is one of those things where economic costs and environmental costs move together in many ways.  If it costs more, it probably is going to have a greater impact, and vice versa. For example, if everyone was able to backyard compost all their food waste, that would certainly be cheap for taxpayers and […]