About EarthMatters

EarthMatters works to bridge environmental, social and economic issues with projects that promote sustainable communities in Nelson and the surrounding region.

Currently, EarthMatters is focusing on the RDCK Resource Recovery Plan Update, with a goal of helping foster the best possible plan for our region.

EarthMatters was a project of Nelson Cares and also of the West Kootenay EcoSociety.  It is currently a privately held project utilizing contributions from volunteers, until such time as it finds a home with a local organization or becomes an independent entity.

Some Past EarthMatters Projects

Market Waste Reduction Project

EarthMatters collected compost, recycling and waste at the West Kootenay EcoSociety Markets and Marketfest in 2014 and 2015.  The project also provided outreach and education regarding waste issues for Nelson and area.

Zero Waste Market Challenge

In 2013 EarthMatters worked with vendors and patrons of the EcoSociety Markets to reduce waste and bring their own everything to the market (bags, bowl spoon, mugs, etc.)  Participating vendors encouraged patrons through tokens towards a raffle, and vendors were also rewarded for zero waste efforts through season-end prizes.

Zero Waste Youth Project

Starting in 2012, the Zero Waste youth project operated at the Nelson and District Youth Center, sharing the message of waste education and reduction.  One way this was done was by collecting discarded tents at Shambhala Music Festival, creating bags and other articles out of them, and selling them at the Markets.


The EarthMatters EcoCenter was a social enterprise that tied together a number of  social, environmental, and economic goals of the community.  It was the ‘go to” place for all things compost including a compost pick-up service, workshops, and sales of composters.  It provided a targeted employment opportunities and heled facilitate good environmental habits.

Funding partners for this enterprise were Vancouver Foundation’s Disability Supports for Employment Fund, Enterprising Non-Profits, Basin Business Advocates, Community Living BC, and the Nelson CARES Society.

Community Composting

Community Composting (C3) was an expansion of EarthMatters’ two year Urban Composting Project.  The social enterprise endeavor was funded by Enterprising Non-Profits. The goal was for the  business will provide compost pick up services to all Nelson residents as well as providing the finished compost for sale. Earth Matters looked into a mechanized facility being  constructed to aerate the piles and increase the rate of microbial activity, taking only 4 weeks to transform from food waste to usable soil. The business aimed to employ youth and persons with disabilities where ever possible.

In the year and a half the project was running, 50 tonnes of food waste was diverted from producing methane and other GHGs in a landfill.